How to access to the Worldユs Brands

Associated International Limited is a company
which actively contributes to the fashion industry in Japan.
The company having taken over import and distribution
of casualwear produced by the world’s leading manufactures
gained recognition and high acclaim as a reliable source of supply of quality merchandise.
The company pays less attention to skin-deep fads
but strives instead to offer merchandise of high quality, utility and lasting popularity.
We endeavour to select items of grace and lasting presence engendered
by the history, tradition and reputation of the manufactures.
This enables us to meet apparel needs of succeeding age groups in a transgeneration way
and, having signed formal distribution contracts
with several world noted fashion apparel makers,
we made it possible to offer reasonable prices and reliable delivery.
We are committed to offering more people
the pleasure of wearing the wide variety of our unsurpassed selection.
at Associated International Limited,
our job is to deliver the world’s choicest apparel and accessories
which will certainly satisfy the customers` needs.